WVDP converts office building to demolition support complex

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WEST VALLEY — EM and its prime contractor CH2M HILL BWXT West Valley (CHBWV) completed the conversion of an onsite office building to a demolition support complex.

This reconfigured facility will support cleanup activities during the demolition of the Main Plant Process Building, an EM priority for 2022.

“The reconfiguration of this former office building will provide support for our dedicated workers who will be directly involved in the demolition of the Main Plant,” said WVDP Director Bryan Bower. “From showers to personal protective equipment, this facility will become an integral part in helping EM continue its mission of reducing legacy risks and life-cycle costs.”

WVDP’s new demolition support complex boasts new locker rooms and showers for men and women, personal protective equipment, respirator issuance room, radiation monitoring control room, radiation control personnel and a large area for pre-job briefings, meetings and lunch.

When demolition starts, workers will be able to pick-up and suit-up in the necessary protective clothing before entering the Main Plant demolition work area. Upon exiting the demolition work area, workers will use a designated egress to enter the building, remove their protective clothing and use the asbestos decontamination showers.

From there, they will exit into a “clean” area and get dressed in the locker room. The building is designed to protect employees and the environment by controlling radiological and industrial hazards at their source.

This former building, also known as the “10-Plex,” was built using 10 double-wide office trailers. It housed several employees from different departments, which included Facility Disposition, Quality Assurance, Environmental Safety Health and Quality, Engineering, Radiation Protection, Regulatory Strategy and Project Management.

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