Genessee County Land Bank event aims to add local, minority contractors for massive demolition program

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GENESEE COUNTY, MI — The Genesee County Land Bank Authority is hosting a forum for demolition contractors who are interested in securing work on a massive demolition program that’s focused on the city of Flint.  The goal of the program is to demolish up to 2,000 blighted structures that are owned by the agency.

The Land Bank announced the forum will be held from 4-6:30 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 2, at the New McCree Theater, located at 4601 Clio Road in Flint.

The agency is encouraging contractors, especially local and minority contractors, to attend the program, which is designed to provide needed information for the pre-qualification and bidding process for the project.

During the forum, contractors will get information on federal regulations, information on available resources, and have the opportunity to connect with other contractors with sub-contractors who are interested in taking on a part of the job.

Participants are asked to register in advance of the event through this link.
More information about the Land Bank’s Demolition Program is available at:
Last year, the city of Flint and Genesee County agreed to help fund the demolition program with American Rescue Plan Act funds and the Land Bank said it has secured $43.7 million for the program so far.

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