Former Vermont Yankee nuclear plant has one building left to demolish

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The reactor building, which once housed the nuclear reactor at Vermont Yankee in Vernon, is the only building still standing on the site. NorthStar Services has been decommissioning the former nuclear power plant for four years.

Work continues on dismantling the former Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant in Vernon.

While only the reactor building remains standing, Scott State, CEO of NorthStar Services, the demolition company handling the project, said tearing it down is one of the more complex operations of the whole job.

“There’s a lot of material inside that building that has to come out,” State said. “Removal of pipes and pumps and valves and all of the internal infrastructure inside that building just takes a long time.”

The decommissioning of Vermont Yankee is on budget and three or four years ahead of the scheduled completion date of 2030, State said.

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