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SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) – Many in the community remember the iconic Fair Grounds Field in its prime, but soon it meets its end as its demolition date approaches.
A spokesman with the City of Shreveport informed KSLA News 12 that the removal of a bat infestation will take place starting Aug. 22 to prepare the old baseball field for demolition. The process of removing the bats is Perault Nuisance Wildlife Control’s responsibility and may take up to two weeks. Demolition of the facility is supposed to begin immediately after.
Many people have spoken out against its removal, citing its memorable history and suggesting that the facility could be renovated instead of demolished.

“We were given something 30 years ago to cherish as a city, as taxpayers,” Edward Best said. “And the last three administrations, they’ve essentially abandoned that investment that could be made as a city back in the ‘80s. It’s just a sad day for me.”

Several restoration efforts have been made since 2012, but none has been successful.

Mayor Adrian Perkins has been among those in support of the demolition of the old ballpark; some people have suggested that Fair Grounds Field is an “eyesore.”

The start date for the demolition may be Sept. 6, if not sooner, and is expected to last 90 days if the weather permits.

We reached out Henderson Construction, the company in charge of the demolition. They said they understand that the stadium is near and dear to the people of Shreveport.

You can reach out to them to find out more about getting your hands on a piece of the ballpark for your personal collection.

There have been no plans set for the land after the ballpark’s demolition.

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