Rapid Recovery Issued Carbon Offset Credits

Last Quarter marked a historic period as Rapid Recovery was issued Carbon Offset Credits from the California Carbon Exchange. These Offsets are the financial instruments that carbon emitters (like electric and power companies) can use to meet their emission reduction requirements.

This is the very first release of Offsets that have ever been issued under the California Cap and Trade Program. Out of the dozens that applied, Rapid Recovery was one of only four companies to be issued these Offsets.

“It has been a very long and difficult road for all of the companies pursuing this. With this first issuance, the market makers will finally begin to see some return on the effort and investm­­­­ent they’ve made these past years to qualify for this,” said Rich Dykstra, Chief Operating Officer with Rapid Recovery.

This is truly a historic moment as US companies finally have access to a system which incentivizes the destruction of these obsolete, ozone destroying and very powerful greenhouse gasses. Many years ago Europe adopted a similar system and has operated effectively under it. Australia simply disallowed any recycling and legislated the destruction of these refrigerants. Finally, California has led the United States by introducing a viable end of life option which provides an opportunity to economically eliminate these refrigerants from use in the United States.

“Congratulations to all our people at Rapid Recovery and our customers. This honor would not have been possible without the team effort of sales, recovery, transportation, tracking, and processing of these carbon gases. Global warming is driven by human activity; an established fact. Compared to what the average US citizen can do about it, what our customers and Rapid Recovery do every day has a massive impact on the environment. We are very proud of the fact that our customer’s commitment to refrigerant recovery has meant that we recovered more than 5 billion pounds of carbon equivalents last year,” said Dykstra.

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