Demolition of Six 500,000 Barrel Oil Storage Tanks

Recently, Universal Wrecking Corp. completed the demolition of six 500,000 barrel above ground oils storage tanks (AST)

The tanks were located at a tank farm storage facility in Pennsylvania. The tanks needed to be removed due to their poor condition and also to make room for the new, more efficient units.

The start of the job consisted of cleaning the six tanks of the prior contents. Tank cleaning consisted of wiping, squeegeeing, and removing all liquids and sludge from the tank. All liquids and sludge generated as a result of the tank cleaning process were transported from the site to a licensed oil recycling facility.

After the tanks were cleaned, the tanks were precut into sections utilizing man lifts and acetylene torches. The tank walls were cut to fit onto flatbed trailers for transportation to Universal Recycling’s scrap yard in Bayville, NJ. The tank floor was cut to truck size utilizing Universal Wrecking’s Cat 345 excavator with metal shear. The prepared scrap was loaded by our 330 excavator with a grapple and placed into our dump trailer’s for transportation to a local steel mill.

Another successful job completed safely and in a timely manner for Universal Wrecking Corp.

UWC looks forward to discussing your next demolition or dismantling project and can provide a detailed estimate or proposal.


Universal Wrecking Corp. is an expert building demolition contractor and scrap metal recycling company that operates throughout the United States. We have the experienced and safety conscientious personnel, demolition and recycling equipment and the technical expertise to handle standard or very technical wrecking projects.

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