UNC Charlotte: Residence Hall Phase XVI – Moore Hall Full Demo & Abatement

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The project consists of asbestos abatement and complete building demolition of Moore Hall to
allow for the construction of the new Phase 16 Residence Hall.
The Asbestos Abatement Contractor’s
company shall be a licensed General Contractor in the State of North Carolina
and shall provide evidence of successful completion of at least three (3)
asbestos abatement projects of similar size, scale, and complexity within the last
five (5) years:
· Multiple stories, at least five (5) stories.
· Close proximity to densely populated and active built environment.
The qualification information listed above along with contact information
for references including name, telephone number and email address
associated with each of the projects listed shall be provided with the bid
as Attachment C.
· All asbestos abatement supervisors on the project shall be
accredited by the North Carolina Health Hazards Control Unit (NC
HHCU). Submit proposed supervisors accreditation.
· All asbestos abatement supervisors on the project shall have a
minimum of five years’ experience in the administration and
supervision of asbestos abatement projects including work
practices, protective measures for building and personnel,
disposal procedures, etc. Submit proposed supervisors resume
and work experience.

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