FL – Taylor County: Old Hospital Asbestos Abatement.

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Taylor County: Old Hospital Asbestos Abatement. Proposals for asbestos abatement/removal on the 2-story medical building and 1-story support services building at the Taylor County Old Hospital site located at 407 E Ash Street, Perry, Florida 32347. Required Proposal information:1. Firm Overview Provide firm information including, but not limited to, Physical Address, Date Established, Key Project Personnel, Current Insurance Coverages, and Ability to Provide Requested Services.2. Prior Related Experience Project Examples for last five years for which similar services have been provided. For each project, indicate (1) Project Name and Location, (2) Description of Project, (3) Owner Name, Address and Contact information, (4) Cost of Work and (5) Date Completed.3. Scope of Work Proposal detail. Refer to Asbestos Renovation Survey available from the Taylor County Administrative Complex for suggested scope of work.4. Fee – Proposed pricing for asbestos abatement and any required demolition.5. Project Timeline Provide timeline outlining proposed starting date, estimated length of project, and date of completion.

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