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Is Your Demolition Company For Sale?

Or do you know someone that is interested in selling theirs? We've been contacted by one of our members who wants to purchase an operating demolition company. Environmental experience is a plus. You can contact us [...]

Adamo Group Pays $1 For Demolition Project & Salvage Rights

The project, the Robert Scott Correctional Facility located on 53 acres in Northville, MI. From the early reports Adamo should net more than $400,000 from the deal. Adamo will own everything on the site, including a [...]

Video: Kings Park Psych Center Smoke Stack Imploded

Yesterday the Kings Park Psych Center smokestack was imploded. We posted early this week that it was taking place on Tuesday, our information was incorrect. Never-less, the implosion did happen and it went off with out [...]

Kings Park Psych Center Smokestack

The smokestack at the former Kings Park Psychiatric Center is set to be dropped today. The implosion is scheduled for 2PM local time. The 220-foot-high smokestack is the only structure that will be imploded during the [...]

Pantano Union Pacific Railroad Bridge Demolition

Time lapse video shows demolition of the old Pantano Union Pacific Railroad bridge on Interstate 10 about 30 miles east of Tucson, Arizona. This was the second bridge -- the first being the Marsh Station Traffic [...]

Brandenburg to Start Demolition on Prentice Hospital

We have learned that Brandenburg was issued a demolition permit by the City of Chicago on March 18th for the demolition of the old Prentice Hospital. Brandenburg applied for an asbestos abatement permit with Cook County. [...]

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