KI Management Faces $196,000 Fine

OSHA officials cited a June 15, 2013 building collapse that killed six people and injured 14 when citing a Connecticut demolition contractor for two willful violations. No one was injured at the KI Management worksite in Bridgeport.

Cesar Mendoza, dba KI Management LLC faces $196,000 in fines and was cited for exposing workers to a wall-collapse hazard and for exposing workers to fall hazards. OSHA alleged the company failed to brace walls during a building demolition, and also failed to provide fall protection once upper-level flooring was removed.

“This employer’s disregard of basic demolition safety fundamentals is unacceptable. The seriousness of this hazard can be seen in the June 5, 2013, building collapse in Philadelphia that killed six people and injured 14,” said Dr. David Michaels, assistant secretary of labor for occupational safety and health. “While no collapse occurred in Bridgeport, the hazard was real, present and entirely avoidable.”

“The removal of flooring from the second and thirds floors left an empty, unsupported shell that was vulnerable to collapse,” said Robert Kowalski, OSHA’s area director in Bridgeport. “Employees at this job site were also exposed to falls of up to 36 feet from unguarded wall openings and to health hazards from inadequate measures to protect them from exposure to lead at the worksite. Worker safety and health were blatantly ignored.”

OSHA also issued 12 serious citations, including:
– allowing workers to “dry sweep and shovel” waste materials containing lead
– failing to properly train workers in general demolition safety, fall protection, and safe clean-up of hazardous materials
– not supplying respiratory protection, protective clothing and equipment
– allowing unmarked emergency exits
– not properly storing oxygen and fuel gas cylinders, and
– not fixing electrical hazards.

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