HEARTLAND FLOOD: Another flood-damaged mobile home park on the demolition list

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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – With $48 million in federal money allocated to Nebraska flood victims, many are asking how that money is being distributed.

Of that money, $19.2 million is being distributed through FEMA.

“We can’t bring you back to that pre-disaster condition, but we can help you get back into that safe, secure, functional environment that everyone deserves today,” Darrell Habisch with FEMA said.

The amount of money an individual or family receives is based on many factors, including insurance coverage, number of people in the home and condition of the home.

Margie Guy’s home, like most of Green Acres in Bellevue, was a complete loss.

“They tried to do an inspection of my home. There was still water and they couldn’t. It was inaccessible,” she said.

FEMA grants cap out at $34,900 and must be used for the purpose they were awarded.

According to Habisch, it typically goes toward housing assistance.

On average, people will receive $3,000 to $5,000 in rental assistance.

“There are a lot of people who are getting that maximum and you go okay, what do we do now? Because I can’t use that money to buy couches, bedding, pots and pans. All of that has to come out of my own money,” Guy said.

She did receive some rental assistance, but most of what she received can only go toward home repair or a new home.

“The money I have received will go towards buying a new home, but I went into a two-year lease right away because I wanted to make sure I could get us a home,” Guy said.

The $48 million of federal money is what has been approved for distribution so far, and federal money will continue to be given out as people are approved.

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