Demolition underway of old Salt Lake International Airport

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SALT LAKE CITY (KUTV) — It’s been nearly two months since the new Salt Lake City International Airport opened Concourse A West. Since then, Concourse B has opened, meaning all airlines serving the Salt Lake City International Airport are operating out of new facilities.

The next phase in new airport construction involves the destruction of the old airport,
Holder/Big-D Joint Venture, which built the new airport’s Concourse A West, is also the company tasked with the demolition of the old airport, which is already underway. You can see some photos of that destruction, released to KUTV by Big-D Construction, in our gallery above or by clicking here.

Holder/Big-D Director of Preconstruction Mike Sant says: Over the six-year course of the Phase I project, more than 16,000 men and women worked on construction of the New SLC Airport. The new airport will be a global hub for the 21st Century, meant to serve the people of Utah and travelers around the world for decades to come.”
A news release from Holder/Big D focused mainly on the construction of the new airport’s Concourse A West. The company revealed the following statistics about the new airport:

Construction personnel worked more than 8.5 million hours
The New SLC Airport cost $4.1 billion to construct; but not a single dollar came from local (Utah) taxes
The New SLC Airport’s footprint stretches 296.7 acres
Airport workers installed 7,600 stone columns, guaranteeing seismic stability
Airport workers drove more than 3,200 steel piles
The First Phase included 49 elevators; 29 escalators; 18 moving walkways
The New SLC’s baggage system features 7 miles of conveyor belts
Concourse A counts 25 gates in Phase I, with another 22 expected in Phase II
The team tracked approximately 30,000-plus separate construction activities
The New SLC Airport will welcome more than 34 million passengers a year to its main terminal, parking garage and two concourses
The airport’s LEED-certified status and sophisticated amenities make it one of just nine airports in the United States to have achieved such notoriety
The New SLC Airport will have 3,600 parking stalls and 24 bathrooms (in Concourse A West and in the new terminal)
The New SLC Airport will have a 28,000-square-foot Delta Sky Club and 50-foot windows centered on Salt Lake City’s striking mountain backdrop

“Between the central terminal and the A and B concourses there will be some 58 shops and restaurants,” the news release said., continuing:

Also, unique to the new terminal is the Greeting Room, a centralized facility that can accommodate between 300-400 people and is meant for large-scale reunions for families and friends of returning missionaries, military service men and women and others.”

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