Demolition starts on Corby Hall, one of oldest buildings at Notre Dame

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SOUTH BEND — Demolition began Friday on Corby Hall, one of the oldest buildings on the University of Notre Dame’s campus. A new hall of similar design is planned for the site.
The circa-1895 yellow brick building, just west of Sacred Heart Basilica, is the traditional home of Congregation of Holy Cross priests who live and work at the university. The building features a wide wooden front porch, and priests often relaxed in rocking chairs there during warmer months.
Corby Hall, the Grotto and the Presbytery building are on a parcel of land owned by the Father Edward Sorin Trust, which refers to property of the Congregation of Holy Cross. They are not owned by the university itself.
It was a joint decision by the congregation and the university to demolish and build new, rather than renovate the existing building, said the Rev. Austin Collins, the religious superior of the Corby Hall community and a Notre Dame art professor.

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