Demolition set for Henderson Convention Center to clear way for new hockey facility

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The city of Henderson will celebrate the start of demolishing the city’s convention center next week, making way for a new hockey facility.

A city spokesperson says the ceremonial building demolition is set for Monday, June 3, at the downtown event space on Water Street.

The Henderson Convention Center will be demolished and replaced by a new hockey center spearheaded by the Vegas Golden Knights.

Henderson City Council members unanimously approved the hockey center at a meeting earlier this month.

Construction is estimated to cost at least $25 million, city documents indicate. The city of Henderson would contribute $10.75 million to those costs, with $4 million coming from redevelopment agency funds.

According to city documents, the lease would start on Aug. 1 next year and last for 20 years, with two 10-year options. Rent for the first year would be $40,000 and increase by 2% each year.

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