Demolition on freeway connector ramp in Long Beach, part of replacement project for Gerald Desmond Bridge.

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Demolition work began on a major freeway connector ramp in Long Beach, part of the replacement project for the aging Gerald Desmond Bridge. Several large excavators equipped with jackhammers and claws are tearing down the elevated ramp that connects eastbound Ocean Boulevard to the northbound 710 Freeway. The demolition marks the project’s final long-term road closure.
Eastbound traffic leaving Terminal Island and San Pedro to the northbound 710 Freeway when the new bridge is complete. It’s considered a vital link for shipping international and domestic goods at the major port complex.
The bridge will be cable-stayed with a pedestrian walkway, bicycle path and scenic overlooks. Its deck will be 205 feet above the water, providing more clearance for cargo ships. Two towers will rise 515 feet, making it the second-tallest cable-stayed bridge in the United States.
By Jonathan Lloyd and Rick Montanez

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