Demolition Crew Accidentally Knocks Down Wrong House on Dallas Street: ‘We Made a Mistake’

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A Texas homeowner has been left with nothing but rubble after a demolition company accidentally knocked down the wrong house in his neighborhood.
JR’s Demolition was assigned to demolish a home on Richard Avenue in Dallas on Wednesday — but a mixup led their crews to the wrong home on the street, where they ended up destroying a 97-year-old residence instead, according to CBS affiliate KTVT.
Now JR’s Demolition is working to come up with a resolution for homeowner Jeremy Wenninger, who told KTVT that the property was a World War Era Craftsman and held a significant amount of sentimental value.
“We made a mistake and thought we had the right property,” the company’s owner, Bobby Lindamood, told PEOPLE in a statement.
“JR’s Demolition is a small family business who has been in the demolition business for 15 years,” Lindamood continued. “I as the owner, have been in demolition over 35 years, and after many thousands of structure demolitions, this is the first incident wherein the wrong structure was demolished.”
The shocking incident unfolded in a matter of minutes, according to witnesses who watched the quaint “pink house,” as it’s referred to in the Vickery Place neighborhood, get demolished.
“I was pulling up just as the bulldozer and wrecking crew was getting out of here,” neighbor Zach Basich told KTVT. “Didn’t think much of it, just thought another permanent demolition in the neighborhood.”
“I got a call from my neighbor who lived across the alley from the house and he said, ‘They’re tearing down a perfectly good house, do you know what’s going on?’” recalled another neighbor, David Walkington.
“The house is gone,” Walkington added. “That was a unique house built in the ’20s.”

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