Camp Grayling Training Ctr Demolish Buildings.

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Demolish Bldgs. 10, 11, 32, 118, 233MA, 318MA, and 338 Camp Grayling Training Center Grayling, Michigan as the bid headline reads!

Camp Grayling was founded in 1913 when local lumber baron, Rasmus Hanson, donated over 13,000 acres to the State of Michigan for military training. Camp Grayling has since grown to 147,000 acres that spans over three counties of maneuver area, state-of-the-art ranges, and modern support facilities, making it the largest National Guard training center in the country.

As a premier, world class Joint Maneuver Training Center, Camp Grayling is a leader in providing efficient, unparalleled customer-focused service and the highest level of modern training. Support resources are scheduled year-round to provide a wide range of high-quality training service members, emergency responders and private-sector customers worldwide. Training sites have unique combinations of resources that provide a wide variety of training scenarios to meet unit readiness requirements. Large artillery, mortar, tank ranges and maneuver courses are among the highlights of Camp Grayling.



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