Architecture professor defends brutalism against Trump’s call for demolition

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Depending on who you ask, brutalist buildings like the FBI’s J. Edgar Hoover Building in Washington, D.C., are little more than misshapen mounds of concrete. But architecture professor Mark Pasnik says the structures were built with a much deeper meaning in mind. “People think of them as communistic or as alienating,” says Pasnik, who came to brutalism’s defense in a recent Boston Globe op-ed. —
Architecture professor Mark Pasnik makes the argument for preservation of brutalist buildings in an opinion piece for the Boston Globe. Pasnik’s piece was in response to Trumps recent outcry to tear down the FBI headquarters. He explains the style’s history of material honesty, along with reasons to preserve brutalist architecture. Even if the style does not appeal to an individual, Pasnik advocates the historic importance and sustainability of renovation over demolition are worth keeping brutalist buildings intact.

Hope Daley By Hope Daley
Aug 13, ’18 2:40 PM EST

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