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Even while Cal State Monterey Bay is in a growth mode, people on campus are nearly as excited about buildings coming down as they are about the ones going up. Abandoned military buildings – decaying reminders [...]

Demolition of Cleveland Stockyards’ Swift & Co. Meatpacking Building Begins

As morning traffic rushed north and south on W. 65th Street, a “high reach” demolition machine began to dismantle the top floor of the Swift & Co. meatpacking building, long an eyesore and hazard for the [...]

Implosion of Once Prominent Fort Worth High Rise

It took months to prepare for the demolition of a Fort Worth high rise, but only took 10 seconds to see the building fall to pieces. A Dallas Demolition crew in a parking lot about 100 [...]

UMaine trustees OK Spending $10M on Demolitions

UMaine trustees OK spending $10M on demolitions in push to downsize By Nick McCrea, BDN Staff • January 29, 2018 4:23 pm The University of Maine System is rolling out the bulldozers to rid itself of [...]

Detroit demolition contractors owed millions

The state agency reimburses the Land Bank for invoices paid to contractors. About $258 million in federal Hardest Hit Funds have been earmarked for Detroit’s blight demolition program. Of that, about $144 million has been spent, [...]

Tallest building in Kentucky’s capital demolished

By The Associated Press FRANKFORT, Ky. — The tallest building in Kentucky’s capital city came crashing down in a controlled implosion Sunday, delighting thousands of onlookers who quickly scurried away to avoid the dust cloud that [...]

The world’s largest voluntary demolition will be done in pieces. Here’s how 270 Park will disappear

The Real Deal spoke to a number of experts in demolition and interior construction to break down how JPMorgan will systematically remove a notable building from the congested skyline. By Kathryn Brenzel From the outside, the [...]


Remodeling of buildings sometimes involves demolishing parts of existing structures to make room for new improvements. Demolition can expose workers to dangerous materials that are sometimes difficult to recognize. In many cases, even the building owner [...]

Demolition Begins on Historic Woods Hole Ferry Terminal

With the crunch of an excavator’s clawed bucket, the Woods Hole Steamship Authority terminal began the messy process of being reduced to a pile of rubble on Monday afternoon. Until it was closed earlier this winter, [...]

Demolition of California Theatre halted by preservationists

A judge halted the imminent demolition of the dilapidated California Theatre building downtown that was supposed to make way for a 40-story residential tower. The 2,200-seat theater, at Fourth Avenue and C Street, closed in 1990 [...]

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