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Camp Custer was built in 1917 for military training during World War I. Named after Civil War cavalry officer General George Armstrong Custer, the facility trained or demobilized more than 100,000 troops during World War I. [...]

Demolition Contractors Add New Voice to Global Disaster Response Conference

Emergency management experts from around the world met at Purdue University recently to debate best practices for life-saving response and recovery operations after natural or man-made catastrophes, opening the dialogue for the first time this year [...]

$1Million Dollar Fine for Dumping Asbestos

Two companies accused of charging customers thousands of dollars for removal of asbestos-contaminated materials from their homes and buildings and then illegally dumping or abandoning the waste in Arapahoe and Weld counties have pleaded guilty to [...]

Demolition Company Owners Heading to Prison

A father and son who operated a demolition company that did work for New York City’s housing agency were sentenced in Manhattan Federal Court to six years and four years in prison, respectively, for paying employees [...]

$2.4 Penalty Million In Minority Hiring Complaint

Manafort Brothers construction has agreed to pay a $2.4 million penalty to resolve a government complaint that it circumvented a requirement to hire minority contractors on a state and federal highway project involving Route 72 in [...]

Island Station Power Plant Implosion

At 10:00 AM local time on March 16, 2014, the Island Station power plant in St. Paul, Minnesota was imploded. It opened in 1926 and has been decommissioned since 1975. Frattalone Companies was the demolition contractor [...]

Methodist Hospital Building Imploded

The nearly 100-year-old Old Nursing School Building Methodist Hospital in Des Moines, Iowa building was imploded on Sunday. The implosion began at about 7 a.m., and lasted about 18 seconds. The cloud of dust kicked up [...]

Final Phase of The Brewster Projects Starts

The final phase of demolition for a well-known vacant Detroit housing project that once was home to boxer Joe Louis and members of the Supremes. Crews are using high-reach excavators to take down four 15-story towers [...]

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