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Demolition Safety ideas from CATERPILLAR,
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TOPIC: Demolition Safety
Use Personal Protective Equipment
– Wear and use appropriate personal protective equipment.
– Inspect personal protective equipment before use.
Plan Your Work Carefully
– Begin demolition of exterior walls and floors at the top of the
structure and proceed downward.
– Do NOT cut or remove structural or load-supporting members on
any floor until all stories above that floor have been removed.
– Remove all roof cornices or other ornamental stonework before
pulling down walls.
– NEVER work where there is risk of structural collapse until the
hazard has been eliminated through shoring, bracing, or other
reliable means.
– Inspect all stairs, passageways, and ladders, and illuminate all
– Shut off or cap all electric, gas,
water, steam, sewer, and other
service lines, and notify
appropriate utility companies.
– Use enclosed chutes with gates on the discharge end to drop
demolition material to the ground or into debris containers.
Observe Rules for Floor and Wall Openings
– Guard wall openings to a height of 42 inches. Cover and secure
floor openings with material st
rong enough to withstand the loads
it will bear.
– When creating a floor opening fo
r material disposal, be sure the
size of the opening is no more than 25 percent of the floor’s total
square footage

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