OSHA Updates Its Demolition Industry Website

On June 20, a construction worker taking down an old Blockbuster Video building in New Jersey was trapped and killed when the last standing wall of a building under demolition collapsed on top of him. Six [...]

Green Bay Officials Consider Cutting Back on Demolitions

Green Bay is well known as a city that features a wide array of historic buildings and structures, and it has now been hinted that some city officials are thinking about slowing down the process by [...]

The Use of Hydraulic Equipment in Demolition

When one thinks of building demolition, the usual image that comes to mind is a tower block or an old, industrial structure being taken down with a succession of detonations caused by rigged explosives, but this [...]

Equipment Maintenance will be a Priority

With construction that has been on hold for years finally getting started all over, both construction and demolition projects are going to be far more available than in the previous 5 years. To capitalize on the [...]

Further Information On Record Chinese Demolition

Huge demolitions are always a sight to behold and the recent destruction of a 3.5 kilometer, 2.2 mile viaduct in China has caught the attention of many all over the world. It hasn’t yet been confirmed [...]

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