Tear It Down

Even while Cal State Monterey Bay is in a growth mode, people on campus are nearly as excited about buildings coming down as they are about the ones going up. Abandoned military buildings – decaying reminders [...]

Demolition of Cleveland Stockyards’ Swift & Co. Meatpacking Building Begins

As morning traffic rushed north and south on W. 65th Street, a “high reach” demolition machine began to dismantle the top floor of the Swift & Co. meatpacking building, long an eyesore and hazard for the [...]

Implosion of Once Prominent Fort Worth High Rise

It took months to prepare for the demolition of a Fort Worth high rise, but only took 10 seconds to see the building fall to pieces. A Dallas Demolition crew in a parking lot about 100 [...]

UMaine trustees OK Spending $10M on Demolitions

UMaine trustees OK spending $10M on demolitions in push to downsize By Nick McCrea, BDN Staff • January 29, 2018 4:23 pm The University of Maine System is rolling out the bulldozers to rid itself of [...]

Detroit demolition contractors owed millions

The state agency reimburses the Land Bank for invoices paid to contractors. About $258 million in federal Hardest Hit Funds have been earmarked for Detroit’s blight demolition program. Of that, about $144 million has been spent, [...]

Demolition: Construction in Reverse, with Additional Hazards says OSHA

OSHA Compliance Safety and Health Officers often face a somber task as they identify and document the violation of safety and health standards which lead up to the latest worker tragedy. Demolition worker impaled on rebar. [...]

EPA guide to: Harmful Materials In Residential Demolition

This isn’t an exhaustive list. These are harmful materials one might typically encounter in a residential property. You may encounter harmful materials not mentioned here. Please use caution if there’s any doubt about the nature or [...]

Tallest building in Kentucky’s capital demolished

By The Associated Press FRANKFORT, Ky. — The tallest building in Kentucky’s capital city came crashing down in a controlled implosion Sunday, delighting thousands of onlookers who quickly scurried away to avoid the dust cloud that [...]

IBISWorld Research Indicates Demolition is a Growth Industry

IBISWorld’s industry research report on Demolition & Wrecking can be used to help you understand the industry’s market size, growth potential and major companies. Five-year forecasts provide insight into the industry’s prospects, so you can make [...]

The world’s largest voluntary demolition will be done in pieces. Here’s how 270 Park will disappear

The Real Deal spoke to a number of experts in demolition and interior construction to break down how JPMorgan will systematically remove a notable building from the congested skyline. By Kathryn Brenzel From the outside, the [...]

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